Hugh Ducklow

Dr. Ducklow is a biological oceanographer and has been studying the dynamics of plankton foodwebs in estuaries, the coastal ocean and the open sea since 1980. He and his students have worked principally on microbial foodwebs and the role of heterotrophic bacteria in the marine carbon cycle. He has participated in oceanographic cruises in Chesapeake Bay, the western North Atlantic Ocean, the Bermuda and Hawaii Time Series stations, the Black Sea, the Arabian Sea, the Ross Sea, the Southern Ocean, the Equatorial Pacific and the Great Barrier Reef. Much of the work was done in the decade-long Joint Global Ocean Flux Study (JGOFS), which he led in the late 1990s. Currently he leads the Palmer Antarctica Long Term Ecological Research Project on the west Antarctic Peninsula, where he is investigating the responses of the marine ecosystem to rapid climate warming. Although his research is primarily experimental and observational, he utilizes mathematical models and collaborates with modelers to gain deeper understanding and derive maximum benefit from the data he collects. As part of his research on microbial processes he participated in the MIRADA Project. His group will deploy a new time-series sediment trap to measure carbon flux during the Amundsen Sea Polynya International Research Expedition (ASPIRE) starting in December 2010. His lab performs all the nutrient and chlorophyll analyses for the Coalition for Buzzards Bay Baywatchers Program.


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