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From One Polynya to Another

01/04/2011, 8:53 PM by Lollie Garay
X marks the spot- where they are!<br/><br/>Credit: MODIS Image
X marks the spot- where they are!
Photo Credit: MODIS Image



Chief Tish sent this “gorgeous satellite image of the two polynyas”.They are on their way back to Pine Island to retrieve moorings. The polynya (open water) on the left is the Amundsen Polynya, the polynya on the right is Pine Island.  

Tish says, “See the tiny little crack leading from the NE corner of the Amundsen into the white mass?  That's where we are...”

She also sent a photo of the very green water in the polynya. If you remember a couple of blogs past, she told us how productive the waters were- so much chlorophyll in the water! The image shows what 45 micrograms of chlorophyll per liter looks like- GREEN! The image was taken during the recovery of a drifting sediment trap “from the grasp of an ice floe”.

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Question of the Day

  • What are Polynyas and why are they important to study?

    Polynyas, are recurring areas of seasonally open water surrounded by ice.

    Energy and material transfer between the atmosphere, polar surface ocean, and the deep sea in polynas provide polar ecosystems with just the right ingredients needed for high productivity and intense biogeochemical recycling.

    Polynyas may be the key to understanding the future of Polar Regions since their extent is expected to increase with anthropogenic warming.