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Two Ships Meet on THE ICE!

12/22/2010, 11:16 PM by Lollie Garay
The Oden on the horizon approaching the NBP<br/><br/>Credit: Tish Yager
The Oden on the horizon approaching the NBP
Photo Credit: Tish Yager

December 21, 2010
 13:55 GMT
72°48’S, 114°02’W
 Onboard RIB Nathaniel B. Palmer

It's an amazing feeling seeing another ship in the desolate Southern Ocean!

The NBP and the Oden have completed a successful "rendezvous" and designated  personnel and gear have been successfully transferred!

 The ship's crew did a great job with the ship-to-ship connection, and the RPS team transferred all the cargo in less than an hour. If you look at the pictures, you will see how close the ships are to each other- a very precise maneuver to accomplish!

The Crab Team has relocated to the Oden and two RPS team members have joined the NBP.  ASPIRE scientists have received all "late delivery" items and can now continue process studies as planned.

Chief Tish relates: “ I very much appreciated NBP Captain Maghrabi and his galley team for providing a fine meal and reception for  officers and lead scientists of both ships…” Both ships also held "open house" for two hours to allow for open exchange. Thanks to all involved for a job well done.”

Tish also reinterated the intense workload being carried out right now.

Good luck ASPIRE- stay connected J


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