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A Warrant to Appear before the Court!

12/06/2010, 11:00 PM by Lollie Garay
Look what happened to me in 2007-head meets ice in bucket!<br/><br/>Credit: Lollie Garay(PolarTREC 2007)Courtesy of ARCUS
Look what happened to me in 2007-head meets ice in bucket!
Photo Credit: Lollie Garay(PolarTREC 2007)Courtesy of ARCUS

Late, Dec 6

In transit

The following ominous message was received late today onboard the Palmer!

 Warrant for Apprehension, Detention, and Appearance Before the Court

 Issued this 6th day of December, in the year of Neptunus Rex, 2010


 Be it known to all denizens of the Southern Polar Seas, from diatom to

whale, that on or about December 4th, 2010:


 Article 1. FOREIGNERS, terrestrial infiltrators, unknown to this court, did

break and enter through the sacred circle of 66.66 without proper authority

 or advance permission.  In so doing, these uncleansed did trespass against the polar domain.


 The Court is still compiling all of your transgressions to HRM dominion. The list is long.

 In light of these most dire transgressions, THE COURT NOW DECREES that all POLLYWOGS appear for judgment at 1200 on the 7th day of December, 2010.

 To appear before the Kingly COURT, all Pollywogs MUST:

i) Wear attire appropriate for a cleansing.  Long underwear is recommended.

 ii) All attire must be worn INSIDE OUT, BACKWARDS, UNDERCLOTHES ON TOP OF OUTER CLOTHES, and where possible, UPSIDE DOWN!

 iii) Socks on your feet and socks on your hands.

 iv) Arrive at the royal holding facility in the galley, promptly at 12:00

 (no sooner).

 v) Be prepared to offer up ENTERTAINMENT in the form of POETRY, SONG, DANCE, or general MIRTH. Those who successfully amuse the court may be treated with leniency.


Heed these words and summons.  Or else!


 HRM Neptunus Rex




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    Energy and material transfer between the atmosphere, polar surface ocean, and the deep sea in polynas provide polar ecosystems with just the right ingredients needed for high productivity and intense biogeochemical recycling.

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