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A Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday to all!

12/24/2010, 7:16 PM by Lollie Garay
Greetings from the NBP!
Greetings from the NBP!

It's Christmas Eve here in the states. Having spent one Christmas season in the Antarctic myself, I know that this is a special time for reflection, both at home and on the NBP.

Be proud of the work your loved ones are doing and share in the memories they are making.

Whatever your celebrations are during this time of the year, you have my heartfelt wishes for for a safe and loving holiday season!

Cheers, Lollie

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  • What are Polynyas and why are they important to study?

    Polynyas, are recurring areas of seasonally open water surrounded by ice.

    Energy and material transfer between the atmosphere, polar surface ocean, and the deep sea in polynas provide polar ecosystems with just the right ingredients needed for high productivity and intense biogeochemical recycling.

    Polynyas may be the key to understanding the future of Polar Regions since their extent is expected to increase with anthropogenic warming.