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ASPIRE Team arrives in Punta Arenas

11/23/2010, 4:53 PM by Lollie Garay
Birds Eye View of South America!<br/><br/>Credit: Tish Yager
Birds Eye View of South America!
Photo Credit: Tish Yager

53° 9.78'S, 70° 54.42 'W 

An overnight flight from the US through South America has just landed, carrying members of the ASPIRE team safely to Punta Arenas, Chile including Tish Yager and her team. Others have already arrived and the group will meet tonight. Tish reports the weather is blustery but not cold…yet.

The next couple of days will be a frenzy of setting up lab equipment, moving and unpacking boxes, and working out all the logistics to get this expedition going. The pace of work will likely never settle down, especially as they head into days of 24 hour sunshine!

And so it begins…


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