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60° S – Middle of the Drake

11/30/2010, 12:00 AM by Lollie Garay
Cruise Track<br/><br/>Credit: Tish Yager
Cruise Track
Photo Credit: Tish Yager

The NBP has just crossed latitude 60° S as they head toward the Antarctic Circle. Tish reports that the sun is shining but it’s very windy with winds blowing at 25-35 kts. The seas are 10-15ft and the air temperature is 1.8° C. The crossing of the Drake has gone well even with the rolling, and that’s good news for those onboard ☺

I’d like to use this post to catch up on images from the last few days that have just come in. We’ve been trying to work out the “kinks” in getting information from the ship via the internet. As you can imagine, with 70 people onboard the ship, communication capabilities can get tricky. Don’t forget to click on the images for a bigger picture and the captions!

Enjoy, Lollie

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  • What are Polynyas and why are they important to study?

    Polynyas, are recurring areas of seasonally open water surrounded by ice.

    Energy and material transfer between the atmosphere, polar surface ocean, and the deep sea in polynas provide polar ecosystems with just the right ingredients needed for high productivity and intense biogeochemical recycling.

    Polynyas may be the key to understanding the future of Polar Regions since their extent is expected to increase with anthropogenic warming.